At Discovery Kids Childcare we closely align our learning standards to “Colorado Early Learning & Development Guidelines.”

Preschool 2.5 to 4 Years 

  • Physical Development & Health to include; complete personal tasks (i.e. dressing, brushing teeth, toilet, washing hands independently.) Gross and Fine Motor Skills, including navigation, balance, building and exploring.
  • Social & Emotional Development to include; communication & cooperation with others, establish secure relationships with adults, independence and confidence in a range of activities, and self regulate emotions and behavior.
  • Language Development to include; understand and respond to complex directions, use of increasingly complex vocabulary, and Spanish Language introduction.
  • Language and Literacy Development to include; Book appreciation & knowledge, phonics awareness, alphabet knowledge, and early writing.
  • Logic & Reasoning to include; reasoning & problem solving, draw on experience to seek solutions.
  • Mathematics & Science to include; number concepts & relationships, patterns & measurement, and conceptual knowledge of the physical world.
  • Creative Arts to include; awareness & practice in music, dance, and art.
  • Having Fun! Learning standards are great, but at Discovery Kids Childcare all children have fun too!