At Discovery Kids Childcare we closely align our learning standards to “Colorado Early Learning & Development Guidelines.”

Infants 6 Weeks to 1 Year

  • Physical Development & Health to include; perceptual development, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and maintenance of healthy growth.
  • Social Development to include; interaction with adults, interaction with other children, relationship with other children, empathy, and understanding.
  • Emotional Development to include; relationship with adults, identity of self, recognition of ability, appropriate expression of emotion, and emotion and impulse control.
  • Language and Literacy Development to include; understanding language, expressing language, communication skills, interest in books.
  • Cognitive Development to include; cause and effect, spacial relationships, imitation, number recognition, the ability to categorize and routines.
  • Approaches to Learning to include; problem solving, memory and attention.
  • Having Fun! Learning standards are great, but at Discovery Kids Childcare all children have fun too!