Our Kitchen


Discovery Kids Child Care Kitchen

Our kitchen provides nutritious and delicious meals to all our children under the guidelines of the Federal Child Nutrition Program. Everyday we provide a fresh breakfast, a hot lunch and a healthful afternoon snack! All meals are served family style with an emphasis on how to use utensils and manners. We cook wholesome meals from scratch everyday! Much like Grandma’s house we bake our own cookies, make our own casseroles and chop our own veggies.

Here is an example of our daily menu:

Breakfast: Fluffy Wholewheat Pancakes and Fresh Seasonal Fruit Served with Milk & Juice

Lunch: Creamy Corn & Veggie Chowder, Fresh Chopped Salad, and Wholegrain Muffin Served with Milk & Water

Snack: Freshly Baked Pretzel with Cheese Served with Milk & Water


Cooking classes are held periodically for our 3-5 year-olds  to encourage nutrition education and kitchen skills. We are very proud of our food program, and you cannot get any of this with a pre-packaged meal!


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Discovery Kids Child Care offers infant day care, toddler day care, and affordable child care in Colorado Springs, CO, at our child development center. We love serving our local community and understand the importance of parents feeling safe and secure with their choice of day care in Colorado Springs, CO.

Call us today at (719) 598-1818 or email us at info@discoverykidsatrockrimmon.com with any questions you may have, arrange a tour of our child development center, and to get your child in day care today!